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本公司研發團隊於1999年成功研製出,RF微波干擾對策用之RF微波吸波材料來供應,商用衛星接收器LNB,VSAT 高頻吸波材料,同時延伸發展出EMI CHAMBER用之角錐吸波體。2011年針對RFID應用(悠遊卡)開發出專用的導磁材料。可從125KHz, 250KHz(無線充電器)等非接觸充電系統到900KHz、13.56MHz、860~950MHz以及2.4GHz(UHF標籤)等RFID和NFC(Near Field Communication) 專用吸波材料。


2013年起擴大開發出Silicone系列之固晶膠,UV固化膠材暨低溫固化接著劑,並延伸開發出功能性結構塗料及異方性導電銀膠(ACP/ACA)等新製品. 2016年量產供料至手機,車用攝影機鏡頭及傳輸線材之密合膠. 2017年度更進一步開發出預成型片材及各式結構膠材及多元化之多段烘烤材料。


Feedpool Technology Co.,Ltd 

Feedpool Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 1997 .Located at Tao Yuan, Taiwan. Being a pioneer of this country who could fully concentrate with the Polymer chemistry based formulation and customized adhesives for microelectronic field customers.

Our Electronic Materials division is making the High-loss dielectric absorbers 2GHz to 20GHz . (MFA Microwave Absorbers), Absorbing materials made from bulk (FTA Pyramidal Absorbers) and elastomeric absorbers(RTS Microwave Absorbers). RF/EMI Absorbing materials for RFID(Tag) and NFC(Near Field Communication) usages with 125KHz, 250KHz, 860~950MHz, 2.4GHz. 

For better quality and management system, We have been enforcing the ISO-9001 quality system since 2001 and ISO-14001 in 2005. Full range of LAB instruments and Strong FAE Capability of engineering center could ensure our materials reliability. 
In 2013,Feedpool has expanding our product line with Silicone based Die attach, Conformal Coating paste, UV Curable paste, Low temperature curable paste and ACF/ACA Paste series.

Feedpool Technology is sincerely expecting to cooperate and exchange with global business principles. 
Let us stand together to create our bright future.